MiCA: EU Regulation and the Impacts for the Investigations Sphere

MiCA: EU Regulation and the Impacts for the Investigations Sphere

In April 2023, the European Parliament voted in favour of passing the Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (‘MiCA’), bringing through the first comprehensive set of regulations for the cryptocurrency industry. MiCA’s scope of its regulations included those for crypto platforms, token issuers and traders, providing requirements for disclosure, transparency, authorisation and supervision of crypto transactions. The […]

Sanctions and de-Dollarisation

Are sanctions driving the de-dollarisation movement? The US Dollar (‘USD’) has been the long-time ‘international reserve currency’. A reserve currency is largely used as a support system by a nation if their economies suffer financial downfalls, inflation for example. The USD is the world’s reserve currency for various reasons. One important aspect of this dominance […]

WormGPT: Tackling the Next Phishing Trend

ChatGPT is an AI based tool created by OpenAI. The model is designed to perform a range of tasks such as its chat box feature which is praised for its human like interactions.[1] ChatGPT was created using the GPT–3 language model. OpenAI embedded filters into the code which limits the use of the model. These […]

As Investors Seek the Next ‘HODL’, Cyber Criminals Are Right Behind Knocking on the Door

The value of Bitcoin has risen and fallen significantly over the years. However, despite its unpredictability, it remains an attractive investment that has consistently defied predictions of its demise by restabilising its value. Bitcoin’s price has been especially volatile since 2020. Its volatility makes Bitcoin a reasonably attractive long-term investment, as investors can wait for […]

What Can the Private Sector Learn from Public Inquiries and Investigations?

The United Kingdom has an extensive history of conducting public inquiries, seeking to uncover the truth and hold institutions and individuals accountable. Between 1990 and 2017, 68 public inquiries were launched. Inquiries and investigations are now a perennial part of political life. With this comes heightening media attention and scrutiny. June 2023 has been no […]

TikTok Banned Amid Speculation of Links to the Chinese Communist Party

TikTok is a social media app which allows its users to upload and share videos. Its popularity has skyrocketed since its inception in 2017. The app was created by the Chinese internet technology company, Beijing Bytedance Limited, which is headquartered in Beijing. Prior to the release of TikTok, Bytedance created the Chinese version of the […]

Personal Data: An Economic and Political Commodity

On 4th January 2023, the Irish Data Protection Commission (herein ‘DPC’) announced the conclusion of two inquiries into the conduct of Meta Ireland. Their delivery of its services through Facebook and Instagram were found to contravene EU Data Protection Legislation (herein ‘DPL’), facing fines of €210 million and €180 million respectively. The DPC’s decision is […]

Investigating Corruption within Sport

Matrix Chambers member and Quintel Intelligence board advisor Sir Anthony Hooper contributes to the International Sports Law Review (I.S.L.R 2022, 4, 35-39) on Investigating corruption within athletics, providing an investigator’s personal perspective. The article documents the journey of the investigation, describing the challenges faced by investigators in this setting including the consideration of hearsay evidence […]

Ukrainian Conflict & War Crimes: Challenges in Investigation & Prosecution

On 26th May 2022, Russian Corporal Oleksandr Ivanov and Private Oleksandr Volodymyrovych Bobykin were each convicted of 11 years and six months imprisonment for being involved in an indiscriminate rocket attack on civilians in the Kharkiv region, Ukraine. This was the second war crime conviction of Russian individuals by Ukraine in the context of the […]