Services Offered by Quintel Intelligence

Litigation support service

When disputes arise, there are a number of elements that can determine success in legal proceedings. Effective and timely litigation support can positively influence case strategy, provide financial savings on unwarranted litigation delays, streamline disclosure requests and encourage settlement. In most cases you may have experienced knowledge gaps in your litigation. This may manifest in witness statements, forensic analysis, complex asset ownership structures or the design and implementation of high-level enforcement strategies.

An early implemented enforcement strategy can prevent subsequent dissipation of assets and affect real recovery across multiple jurisdictions. We judge that, without the ability to conduct investigations to a legally evidential standard, any litigant is disadvantaged. Our dedicated, global investigative capability provides you with a repository of knowledge and experience that will ensure a successful legal outcome.

Quintel’s approach to Litigation Support

We work under the direction of your legal team to ensure that the efforts, thresholds and intended outcomes are aligned to ensure that our investigative experience provides you an advantage in your case. Each instruction is meticulously scoped, starting with an initial in-depth consultation and scoping exercise to determine the legal objectives, jurisdictions and timeframes. Our instructions are then managed by our highly-experienced Case Officers – ensuring that our products are fully accountable and evidential and can be used in any legal forum.

We understand the process of accountable and evidential legal intelligence gathering and how this can be presented successfully in court. The calibre of our advisors is a testament to our dedication in providing litigation support to our clients and the subsequent effectiveness of our products and services. Our evidence gathering, analysis and presentation has proven successful in cases ranging from International War Crimes Tribunals, to multibillion-dollar commercial disputes.

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