Quintel Intelligence is a specialist legal intelligence provider focussing on accountable investigations internationally. Our company has supported various clients through process driven, empirical and accountably obtained intelligence gathering which remains at the forefront of how Quintel Intelligence practices today. Quintel Intelligence services High Net Worth Individuals, corporations, litigation funders and legal service providers.

MiCA: EU Regulation and the Impacts for the Investigations Sphere

MiCA: EU Regulation and the Impacts for the Investigations Sphere

In April 2023, the European Parliament voted in favour of passing the Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (‘MiCA’), bringing through the first comprehensive set of regulations for the cryptocurrency industry.

March 2024

Sanctions and de-Dollarisation

The US Dollar (‘USD’) has been the long-time ‘international reserve currency’. A reserve currency is largely used as a support system by a nation if their economies suffer financial downfalls, inflation for example.

October 2023

Wormgpt: Tackling the Next Phishing Trend

ChatGPT is an AI based tool created by OpenAI. The model is designed to perform a range of tasks such as its chat box feature which is praised for its human like interactions. ChatGPT was created using the GPT–3 language model.

August 2023

As Investors Seek the Next ‘HODL’, Cyber Criminals Are Right Behind Knocking on the Door

The value of Bitcoin has risen and fallen significantly over the years. However, despite its unpredictability, it remains an attractive investment that has consistently defied predictions of its demise by restabilising its value.

July 2023

What Can the Private Sector Learn from Public Inquiries and Investigations?

The United Kingdom has an extensive history of conducting public inquiries, seeking to uncover the truth and hold institutions and individuals accountable. Between 1990 and 2017, 68 public inquiries were launched.

July 2023

TikTok Banned Amid Speculation of Links to the Chinese Communist Party

TikTok is a social media app which allows its users to upload and share videos. Its popularity has skyrocketed since its inception in 2017.

March 2023


On 4th January 2023, the Irish Data Protection Commission (herein ‘DPC’) announced the conclusion of two inquiries into the conduct of Meta Ireland.

January 2023

Investigating Corruption within Sport

Matrix Chambers member and Quintel Intelligence board advisor Sir Anthony Hooper contributes to the International Sports Law Review (I.S.L.R 2022, 4, 35-39) on Investigating corruption within athletics, providing an investigator’s personal perspective.

Nov 2022

Ukrainian Conflict & War Crimes: Challenges in Investigation & Prosecution

On 26th May 2022, Russian Corporal Oleksandr Ivanov and Private Oleksandr Volodymyrovych Bobykin were each convicted of 11 years and six months imprisonment for being involved in an indiscriminate rocket attack on civilians in the Kharkiv region, Ukraine.

June 2022

Citywealth Crypto Report

Nick Connon’s sector insights are published in the new Citywealth Cryptocurrency report. The report asks various legal and regulatory experts for their observations into how the once fringe asset has grown and how the legal sector has adapted.

Feb 2022

Crypto Fraud: Potential for Recovery

Quintel CEO, Nicholas Connon, co-authored an article on Crypto fraud which appeared in the Ukrainian Journal of Business Law (#7-8 July-August 2021). This article is about the cryptocurrency market, whose value topped USD 2 tril­lion in April 2021.

September 21

The BVI surrenders its USP

In the most recent development in the fight against money laundering, one of the world’s pre-eminent secrecy jurisdictions has advanced its adoption of a publicly accessible register of ownership, devised back in 2017.

March 2021

Social Media – a Nuanced Mechanism for Blackmail

COVID has changed the world in many ways. Once such way was the inability for celebrities to film, record and present themselves to their audiences through conventional channels. The restrictions of a COVID world have then accelerated the adoption of social media to engage with their audience, almost exclusively through the channel.

4th December 2020

Why Every Security Professional Should be Aware of the QAnon Threat

QAnon is gaining in notoriety. The movement’s actions and messaging is increasingly being picked up by the mainstream media and although there may be more prominent threats circling, every security professional should be aware of QAnon because it is indicative of why at-risk entities should have robust protective intelligence.

November 2020

Simply Identifying a Defendant's Assets is No Longer Enough For an Effective Enforcement Strategy

Hitherto, an enforcement appraisal has looked almost exclusively at identifying assets, with little consideration for the threats arising during the litigation. In practice, identifying assets is only the first step in a successful recovery plan. This is particularly relevant when litigation funding is in play.

8th October 2020

The Age of e-crime: Can we catch crypto criminals?

For the time being, fiat currency is king, yet for criminals who operate online, cryptocurrencies are the financial weapons of choice.

29th September 2020

A detailed analysis of Cash, Crypto and Corona

The worldwide spread of the Coronavirus has seen seismic and enduring impacts on the economy and has raised a series of questions from the broader future of economic transactions to the more acute, granular impact this will have on our day to day lives.

17th August 2020

Cryptocurrency: Domestic and Cross-Border tracing and Enforcement

On 13th June 2019 Nicholas Connon and James Ramsden spoke at the Schneider Financial Solutions Annual Family Law Symposium. The presentation was entitled “Cryptocurrency: Domestic & Cross-Border Tracing & Enforcement”.

13th June 2019

Freezing disclosure related to block chain and cryptocurrency

In November 2018 it was announced that James Ramsden KC of Quintel had secured a third freezing disclosure related to block chain and cryptocurrency, with others secured in September and October 2018.

Enforcing arbitral awards - can hurdles be overcome

Nicholas Connon and James Ramsden KC authored an article entitled “Enforcing arbitral awards. Can hurdles be overcome?” in the September 2018 issue of Harbour Litigation Funding’s ‘Harbour View’.

September 2018

Working alongside James Ramsden KC of 39 Essex Chambers, Devonshires immediately obtained a freezing injunction in the UK courts over the assets of the company and the assets of its director and ultimate beneficial owner this included any Bitcoins.

Devonshires instructed Quintel Intelligence Limited, a specialist forensic intelligence company, to assist with tracing the Bitcoins, the proceeds of sale and the assets of the director and ultimate beneficial owner.

31st August 2018

In November 2017 it was announced that Quintel Intelligence (in conjunction with James Ramsden QC) was being retained to advice on the first significant London property sale exclusively using Bitcoin.

The sale was taking place on a £17m property in Holland Park – the first to be marketed for offers only using cryptocurrency. The work was carried out with property investment company London Wall and Quintel Intelligence was hired to assist in identifying the source of the buyers funds. “James Ramsden KC, together with business intelligence specialists Quintel Intelligence are retained to advise on the first significant London property sale using Bitcoin. The £17m Holland Park property is the first to be marketed with offers invited only in the cryptocurrency.

November 2017

ETS-Global Risk Management

In 2017 Quintel Intelligence formed a close working relationship with US firm, ETS Risk Management. The partnership was forged to allow a bespoke blend of intelligence and defensive security measures to be offered to clients.


Quintel Intelligence takes on Anthony Hooper KC as a member of its advisory board

11th January 2017