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Global Risk investigations

Global Risk Investigations form the subsequent basis of the successful management of risk to a business. Whether the risks you face are political, reputational, travel or security, a detailed and timely examination of a situation can be instrumental in the protection of your business and assets. By analysing these risks, decisions can be made in a dynamic and cost-efficient manner which will ensure efficient mitigation.

Quintel’s approach to Global Risk Investigations

Risks develop and risk assessments must evolve with the situation. Our Global Risk Investigations service is tailored to the need of the client at the time of that client’s need. You will be provided the information you need to understand the threats that you, or your business, face, whether these are security risks (both conventional and unconventional), for an event that you are attending or hosting, reputational risks from business decisions, geopolitical risks that may impact your business or risks before, during and after litigation.

Detailed risk assessments enable you to understand, triage and assign suitable resources to mitigate any activity that poses a threat to your business and assets. Understanding the complex ground level risk drivers and presenting them to you in a digestible format, allows you to act upon this information confidently and instantly. The service you receive will be tailored to provide reliable and precise information by utilising intelligence gathering and analytical techniques. Our analysis will be presented using a culturally-relevant and fact-based approach, which will allow you to examine and understand the threats you face.

Our rigour and understanding of complex risks, underpins our reputation amongst current and previous clients. Our service provides leading analysis, enabling our clients to understand and plan their response to the threat picture. Whether a Presidential candidate wants to understand the sentiment of a room or state, or a manufacturer needs to understand the risk involved in foreign investment, our belief is that the information must be reliable, fact-based, evidential and verifiable. Our risk investigations consider the wider issues that are often not captured in conventional briefs but which directly affect the landscape.

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