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Due diligence services

Due Diligence is a fundamental protection mechanism that directly reduces harm to your business or brand, whether that be reputational (loss of business and brand) or financial (revenue, fines or litigation). It should enable you to thrive by making deliberate efforts to apply the right level of investigation and scrutiny to a commercial relationship or transaction.

Quintel’s approach to Due Diligence

We work with you to understand the wider context of the commercial situation from a comprehensive and accountable perspective. Thus allowing you to control and mitigate potential risks, providing you with actionable intelligence that supports the demands of regulatory requirements and best risk management practices.

We believe that reliance on simplified due diligence processes, such as keyword software, does not provide accurate or sufficient results. That’s why each of our instructions is meticulously scoped prior to engagement to determine your exact needs. On instruction, our team of experts will draw intelligence from a variety of legal sources to build a position of fact-based knowledge – identifying relevant, verified and accountable information.

Our product is legally accountable and can be relied upon in the UK and international proceedings. It will allow you to understand the primary and secondary elements of a commercial situation, enabling you to realistically control the timeline and capacity of the deal. Our global network, coupled with a nuanced understanding of the local political and business context, provides a bespoke and culturally suitable product that will meet your expectations and needs.

New Developments

In order to better serve our customer base and to adapt to market trends, Quintel have recently formalised two areas within the Due Diligence service vertical. These are areas in which we have gained a great deal of experience in recent years to meet growing demand:

ESG Investment – Examination of all aspects of an investment with regard to ESG criteria including the target company and any other parties involved in the deal. Gives confidence in ESG claims and avoids the investor being misled by greenwashing.

Philanthropic Services – Ranging from the identification of suitable charities to support given client criteria to due diligence into a charity’s reputational risk, reliability and financial transparency.

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