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Cryptocurrency Investigations

Cryptocurrency assets and distributed ledger technology are becoming ever more commonplace in global finance, trade and business. This asset class is often seen as having an elevated financial crime risk profile, especially in the fraud space, mainly due to its intangible and unseen nature.

It is often accepted that dealing in cryptocurrency should be at the individual’s peril. We judge this is no longer the case. Effective and timely investigation to determine the location and owner of the digital asset, we believe mitigates the risk to you.

Quintel’s approach to Cryptocurrency Investigations

We give you the ability to strip back the anonymity that enables fraud in this space. We know that successful investigations and subsequent positive outcomes do not come from the digital space alone. Our service provides tools to mitigate the risk and protect your assets, both on and offline.

Our successful disclosure orders in the English High Courts in 2018 have paved the way for protection for clients. By successfully demonstrating the routes of stolen funds, we confirmed in case law the ability to access recourse for victims. This was, at the time, the first successful application against cryptocurrency assets. Our experience in this field provides you with a proven capability, reducing costs and the risk of failed recovery.

Each instruction is meticulously scoped, identifying your needs and the approach which we will take. Our team will deliver timely and analytical analysis, in which we will determine the assets location and trace the funds to the owner of the asset.

By utilising legal tools available to us, we are able to translate our conventional asset tracing expertise into the cryptocurrency space. Combining traditional intelligence techniques, cyber intelligence and real world data. Our team is able to strip back the layers of obfuscation, identify and understand crucial information which will lead to a successful resolution. Alongside James Ramsden QC, we hold significant experience in tracing and recovering digital assets resulting in multinational law firms, cryptocurrency brokerages and private clients demanding our expertise to bolster their legal teams.

We have, without doubt, forged an unrivalled expertise in identifying and tracing the origins and flows of cryptocurrency and have secured unprecedented cooperation from banks and FX traders on the basis of the orders for disclosure which we have obtained.

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