The BVI surrenders its USP

In the most recent development in the fight against money laundering, one of the world’s pre-eminent secrecy jurisdictions has advanced its adoption of a publicly accessible register of ownership, devised back in 2017. According to the US Treasury, the BVI is one of the most high-risk money laundering jurisdictions in the world. However, in October […]

Social Media – a Nuanced Mechanism for Blackmail

COVID has changed the world in many ways. Once such way was the inability for celebrities to film, record and present themselves to their audiences through conventional channels. The restrictions of a COVID world have then accelerated the adoption of social media to engage with their audience, almost exclusively through the channel. This in turn […]

Why Every Security Professional Should be Aware of the QAnon Threat

QAnon is gaining in notoriety. The movement’s actions and messaging is increasingly being picked up by the mainstream media and although there may be more prominent threats circling, every security professional should be aware of QAnon because it is indicative of why at-risk entities should have robust protective intelligence. The catalyst behind the QAnon movement […]

The Age of e-crime: Can we catch crypto criminals?

For the time being, fiat currency is king, yet for criminals who operate online, cryptocurrencies are the financial weapons of choice. Since the arrival of bitcoin over a decade ago, the competition has been between governments and regulatory bodies to meet the ever-developing sophistication and ambition that cyber criminals have shown in order to launder […]