Services Offered by Quintel Intelligence

Corporate Services

Quintel are retained by FSTE, Fortune 500 companies as well as the world’s leading privately-owned and pioneering brands to provide external investigative services to their compliance and security teams. Often working to general council and global heads of security and forensics, Quintel’s instructions bring an independent capability to the in house teams, allowing them to respond to crisis responsibly and identify business continuity threats before they take hold.

Quintel Intelligence provides services to multinational corporations including:

Assisting with their Reputational Risk mitigation and compliance processes through:

  • Due diligence (both pre-hire and pre-transaction)
  • KYC
  • Crisis Response

Providing investigative services examining:

  • Employee fraud
  • Supply chain fraud
  • Internal corruption investigations
  • IP theft and crypto currency tracing

Enhancing the client’s Risk Management process by providing:

  • Threat Actor Assessments
  • Threat Resolution for perceived threats to personnel, assets and capability